Dualtron EScooter Hydro Dipped in Giger Biomechanical Pattern (Video)

This video shows how we hydro dipped the Dualtron escooter in the popular Giger Biomechanical pattern. Sit back and enjoy the show. If you’d like to hydro dip your Dualtron escooter or just anything at all, do give us a message and a representative will be in touch with you to answer all of your enquiries. To view our currently available patterns, click here. If, however, you can’t find anything of interest, do let us know what you need. We can bring in patterns from all over the world to hydro dip your items in it. Till then, have a wonderful day!

Rudy Project Glasses Hydro Dipped in Arctic Digital Camouflage Pattern – Video

This video shows how we hydro dipped the rudy project glasses in our arctic digital camouflage pattern. After hundreds and thousands of order fulfillments, we are still psyched after each hydro dipping job. Do contact us if you’d like your items to be dipped. We cater to all types of orders and it does not matter if you are located in Singapore or overseas. You qualify for our FREE shipping and we provide consistent updates with regards to your project so you will be aware of what’s exactly happening. Talk soon!

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