Car Interior Custom Painting Service Singapore

We provide custom car interior design works by spray painting and hydrodipping

Customise your Car Interior Trim Parts

We have been providing customised car interior services since 2015 and thanks to your tremendous support, our customer base has grown over the years. Whether you drive a Japanese domestic market (JDM) car or a Continental car (e.g. BMW, Audi etc.), we can customise, refurbish and make your interior trims look like brand new.

The Advantages and Benefits

With our hydrodipping technology and advance coating technology, we can avoid:

  • Yellowing/Ageing issues on your interior trims
  • Stickiness on rubber coated panels and trims, which is common for continental cars especially in Singapore due to our humid weather condition
  • Colour fading, especially with sticker wrap and painting without coating
  • Bubbling due to air trap in between the panel and the sticker wrap
  • Peeling due to poor adhesion of the sticker wrap

We have over 200+ hydrodip patterns for you to choose from and unlimited choice of colours. All car interior parts done by us are coated with supercar grade coating by GlasuritĀ® with an optional choice for superior nano coating which has hydrophobic properties. This gives cleaning and maintenance of your interior panels a breeze and adds an additional layer of protection.

Hydrophobic Effect

Our Recent Car Interior Projects

  • Audi-A6-Interior-Trim-Hydrodipped-in-Carbon-Fiber-12
    Audi A6 Interior Trims Hydrodipped in Carbon Fiber
  • Audi-R8-Hydro-dipped-Interior-in-red-carbon-Fiber-2
    Audi R8 Interior Panel hydrodipped in Red Carbon Fiber
  • Toyota-Wish-Custom-Hydrographics-Galaxy-2
    Toyota Wish Interior Panel Galaxy Hydrographics
  • Mazda-Miata-MX5-Headrest-Hydrodipped-Camouflage-5
    Mazda Miata MX5 Headrest Customised to Camouflage
  • Hydro-Dipped-Proton-Gen-2-in-Carbon-Fiber-7
    Proton Gen 2 Interior Customisation - Carbon Fiber - Hydrographics
  • Honda-Fit-Hydrodipped-in-red-Carbon-fiber
    Honda Fit Car Interior Customisation By Hydrographics - Red Carbon Fiber
  • Hydro-Dipped-Mitsubishi-Lancer-Projex-V2D---4
    Mitsubishi Lancer Full Interior Customisation by Hydrodipping
  • Hyundai-Avante-Interior-Hydro-Dip-in-Red-Carbon-Fiber-21
    Hyundai Avante Interior Hydrodipped in Red Carbon Fiber
  • Mitsubishi-Lancer-Hydrodipped-interior-panels-in-carbon-fiber-6
    Mitsubishi Lancer interior panels hydrodipped in Carbon Fiber
  • Honda-Freed-Dashboard-Hydrodipped-Comaparison-in-Carbon-Fiber-6
    Honda Freed Interior Panel customised to Carbon Fiber
  • Maserati-Gran-Turismo-Hydro-Dipped-in-Carbon-Fiber-21
    Cubic Printing on Maserati GranTurismo Interior
  • Honda-Vezel-Hydro-Dipped-in-Space-Galaxy-3
    Video of Honda Vezel Gear Trim Dipped in Galaxy Pattern
  • Honda-Vezel-Hydro-Dipped
    Honda Vezel Gear Panel and Engine Bay Trim Hydro Dipped in Gold Marble and Galaxy
  • Honda-CRV-Interior-Carbon-Fiber-Dipped-4
    Honda CRV Interior Hydro Dipped in Carbon Fiber
  • Peugeot-RCZ-hydro-dipped-interior-panel-in-Carbon-Fiber-4
    Peugeot RCZ Interior Hydro Dipped in Carbon Fiber
  • Subaru-WRX-STI-Hydrodipped-in-Carbon-Fiber-8
    Subaru WRX STI Interior Panels Hydro Dipped in Carbon Fiber
  • Hydro-Dipped-Audi-Interior-in-Real-Carbon-Fiber-6
    Audi A4 Interior Hydro Dipped In Carbon Fiber
  • Kia-Interior-Hydro-Dipped-Car-in-Carbon-Fiber
    Kia Center Console Hydro Dipped in Carbon Fiber Pattern
  • Hydro-Dip-BMW-Interior-in-orange-lightning-2
    BMW 1 Series Interior Trim Hydro Dipped in Orange Lightning Pattern
  • Hydro-Dipped-BMW-Interior-Panel-in-Carbon-Fiber-6
    BMW 1 Series Interior Trim Hydro Dipped in Carbon Fiber
  • BMW Carbon Fiber Interior 1 Series Hydro Dipped
    Video of BMW 1 Series Interior Panels Hydro Dipped In Carbon Fiber
  • Hydrodip on Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 Interior 1
    Water Transfer Printing on Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 in Wooden Grain