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Customise All Kinds of Nerf Blasters

Whether you own a longshot blaster, an alpha trooper, nerf vortex, a nerf n strike blaster or a nerf maverick, we will give you the ultimate hydrographics experience.

Quality at Its Finest

We understand that during a nerf war, your gun might be exposed to rough surfaces. That is why we only use coatings that are of automotive grade, giving your gun a tough surface finish similar to cars.

Better than Painting

You could only achieve solid colours with painting and if you want to have airbrushed designs on your nerf gun, it will take a lot of time and the airbrushed design might not look consistent. With water transfer printing, you wouldn’t face such problems.

Many Designs Available

We bring in many popular designs and for each pattern, we have the ability to change the color effects, giving you unlimited possibilities which are only limited by your imagination.

Worry Free Experience

Upon receiving your nerf gun, we will give you updates after completing each of the hydrographics process, so you won’t have to worry about the status of your project.

Ready for your next nerf war? We bet you are! And if you are all set and ready to charge, there is another small thing that you will need to do. You could add a little touch of ‘tactical coolness’ to your nerf gun blaster. Yes, that’s right!

Many of our nerf gun customers in Singapore have chosen to do Water Transfer Printing on their nerf blasters simply because of its versatility in design and durability. It's definitely way cooler than your average factory made guns and painting jobs. You should give it a try and we guarantee your mind will be blown away!

Let us help you fight your next nerf war in style! When you engage our hydrographics services, you will receive a FREE consultation, FREE pick up and delivery anytime and anywhere at your convenience, giving you a hassle-free experience. What’s more, we will update you on the progress of your project so you can get on with your daily lives and leave all your worries to us. Sounds great doesn’t it?

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