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Increase Visibility

As drone pilots, we tend to lose sight of our UAVs during flight. And since manufacturers do not offer the ability to personalise, how do we then identify the ones that belong to us, especially when multiple drones are flying around at the same time? For improved visibility and identification during flight, water transfer printing or hydrographics may be your best solution.

Unlimited Design Options

Let us help you stand out from the crowd by hydro dipping your drone and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Many have chosen hydrographics to cater to their personality. And with water transfer printing, your customisation options are truly limitless as you could have limitless variations of each design by simply altering the base colour. This gives you the opportunity for your drone, UAV and quadcopter to be more personalised and unique.

Protection with Style

Throughout Singapore and the rest of the world, drone enthusiasts have chosen hydrographics for customising and boosting the aesthetic appeal of their drone shells, controllers and FPV goggles. They have chosen it because of its superior durability and surface finish as compared to having decals or skins.

We Want Your Drone to Look Awesome

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Variety of Designs

Have no idea on what designs to choose? Spice up your rotor hobby by browsing through our extensive collection of popular patterns or make a date with us at no additional cost!

FREE Consultation & Delivery

Customising your drone gears in Singapore has never been easier! From personally meeting you to concetualise the design, to picking up your items and delivering them to you at your convenience, we pride ourselves with the quality of our service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Be mesmerised by the quality of your drone gear upon receiving your item. Expect high quality finishing and durability from us!

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