Dualtron Electric Scooter Deck Hydro Dipped in Arctic Camo Video

At DipGraphics, we customise electric scooters to suit your style with the use of hydrographics technology. This video shows the process of how we hydro dipped the Dualtron electric scooter deck and other parts like mudguards, etc. The owner was an avid decal fan who did a lot of decals on his Dualtron previously. Then he decided to turn to hydrographics instead. We had a lot of fun working with him and we received feedback that he will never turn back to doing decals again because the designs and durability that hydrographics has to offer was much better.

If you are thinking of adding designs to your Dualtron Electric Scooter deck and its parts, you should highly consider doing it with hydrographics. It will be well worth your investment. To dip your Dualtron Electric scooter parts with us, give us a message. We will reply to all enquiries as soon as we can. Cheers!