EVO Electric Scooter Deck Hydro Dipped in Green Flames Video

If you own an EVO electric scooter, you need to get its parts hydro dipped. This video shows how we hydro dipped the EVO electric scooter deck in our green flames pattern. The owner wanted something green and bright and had referenced his idea to the logo of Monster Energy. After much discussion, we decided to dip his EVO electric scooter deck in green flames and boy was he happy!

Doing water transfer printing on your electric scooter parts is a great alternative as compared to decals as its more durable and you can choose from thousands of designs available. Decals will discolour after consistent exposure to UV light and will peel off due to weather. With hydrographics, you do not have to worry about discolouration and design peel off as at DipGraphics, we will protect the dipped design with automotive grade of clear coating so your EVO electric scooter parts will be as durable as car finishes.

To get your EVO electric scooter deck or parts like mudguards, etc hydro dipped, feel free to give us a message. We will be more than happy to customise your EVO electric scooter to suit your style. Till our next post, have a great week and enjoy the video. Cheers!