1. What is Water Transfer Printing??

It is the process of transferring any graphic pattern onto the surface of a 3D object by dipping the item into water.

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2. How much will it cost me??

The cost will depend on many factors such as the complexity of your item, the type of final coating used and other requirements that has been specified by you. Click here to enquire.

3. How durable is the final product??

The final product is highly durable and could last for a very long time. The item is able to withstand high/low temperature applications, prolonged UV exposure, corrosion and mechanical abrasion.

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4. How soon can I get my items after sending them to you??

For overseas orders, it will take about 2 weeks from the time we receive your item. It could be faster than estimated, as it will generally depend on your requirement and the amount of other orders that needed to be fulfilled before you. In any case, if you wish your item to be expedited, extra charges will be incurred.

For local orders, it will take about 3 to 5 days.

5. Do you provide worldwide shipping??

Yes we provide free worldwide shipping for items shipped from Singapore. However, if you are residing overseas, you will need to pay for the items that will be shipped to us. Alternatively, you could shop for available products in our e-commerce store or customise products from scratch so that you do not have to pay hefty amounts to ship your items to Singapore.

6. What types of materials are suitable for Water Transfer Printing??

There are a wide variety of materials that are compatible such as metals, plastics, fiberglass, etc. Some materials would need a special surface preparation and base coat, but the general rule is as long as the material can be dipped into water without damaging it, water transfer printing can be done.

7. Are there any items that are not suitable for Water Transfer Printing??

Electrical items which cannot have their covers removed will not be suitable, as this will damage their functionality when dipped into water. Furthermore, you cannot do Water Transfer Printing on textile clothing, as the surface would need to retain its surface hardness and definite shape when immersed into water.

8. Can I still send my items to you if they are corroded??

Yes you can. The corroded item will need more surface preparation than usual as the surface will need to be stripped down to expose the item’s base material. Please note that extra charges will be incurred.

9. I am confused about choosing the colour and pattern for my item. Do you offer consultation services??

Yes, we are more than happy to give you free consultation on matters pertaining to choosing the right design for your item.

10. Are you able to get patterns that are not listed on your patterns page??

Yes, we can source for other patterns that are not featured in our patterns page. However, please take note that the time needed to finish the hydrographics process will be longer due to the shipping times of your ordered patterns.

11. I have a large project coming up. Do you offer bulk discount??

Yes we do, depending on the type of product and the minimum order quantity. Please contact us and we would be glad to assist you for your project.