How Durable is Hydro Dipping?

How Durable is Hydro Dipping

Is hydrographics durable? Will the graphic pattern on the product withstand high temperature applications? Will the design image turn yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight? These are just some of the questions by our happy customers when they first started to consider doing hydrographics to customise their items.

Graphic patterns that have been imprinted onto the surface of products by the hydrographics process are highly durable. In fact, when it is done right, the pattern could last for decades. But how durable is it? And what is its resistance threshold when exposed to extreme temperatures, corrosion, mechanical abrasion and prolonged ultraviolet ray exposure?

Temperature Resistance

The imprinted graphic pattern can withstand high temperatures of up to +300°C. This is why hydrographics has been extensively used to decorate a wide range of products from engine covers to gun barrels. Apart from that, it can also be used for products that are exposed to icy environments. During winter, a hydro dipped car rim will look stunning amidst the cold weather.

Corrosion Resistance

The formation of rust is a common problem for a metallic product, as this can greatly affect its aesthetic appeal. However, this will not be a problem for metallic products that have undergone the hydrographics process, as a protective layer of coating, inert to oxidation, will be applied to protect the pattern.

Apart from rust protection, the hydrographics pattern is also resistant to salty environments. This method of product surface decoration has been used in the marine industry, from decorating luxury yachts and fishing boats, to designing fishing rods and reels as well as scuba diving equipment.

Scratch / Abrasion Durability

Graphic patterns that have been imprinted to the surface of the product will be protected by automotive grade of clear coating. Therefore, it will be as scratch resistant as the paintwork of a vehicle.

UV Resistance

Hydrographic films are developed to contain specific chemical compounds for protection against prolonged ultraviolet ray exposure. To better enhance the UV resistance of the hydro dipped product, most hydrographics service provider will use automotive grade for the final protective coating, making the item as UV resistant as vehicle exteriors.

Superior Adhesive Quality

Graphic patterns will readily stick to the product’s surface and will probably remain on the surface for a lifetime. To remove the graphic pattern of a hydro dipped product, it needs to be sanded down to the base material.

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