How to Choose the Base Colour For Your Hydrographics Pattern


Choosing The Base Colour For Your Hydrographics Pattern

Hydrographics has unlimited design potential. Part of this versatility comes from the choice of base coat colour, which greatly contributes to the overall outlook of the finished product. Graphic patterns on the product will appear radically different for different colours of base coat applied because hydrographic films, which have graphic patterns imprinted on them are somewhat transparent.

So how do you choose the base colour that is right for you? Here are some suggestions:

Use Similar Colours

It is common practice to use a base coat colour that has the same shade as the colour of the graphic pattern. For instance, wood grain patterns are often used with a brown base coat and metallic prints are often matched with white or grey. This is a safer option of colour coordination but like everything else, it is not the only way.

Use The Colour Wheel To Search Complimentary Colours

In colour theory, complimentary simply means opposite. For example, black and white are complementary to each other and hence, will look great on your product. But black and white isn’t the only complimentary colour combination. You can search for complimentary colours by looking at the colour wheel.

The colour wheel simply illustrates that every colour on the wheel has a complimentary colour. You just have to look at whatever colour is on the opposite side of the wheel. For instance, if your hydrographic film has designs in pink, you could consider having a green base coat as the colour wheel suggests that the complimentary colour of pink is green.

Gather Inspiration Online

The Internet serves one of the many preferred avenues to gather inspiration. For instance, if you already had decided that you want a carbon fiber pattern on your product and would like to visualise how will the carbon fiber design appear with different shades of base colour, you could head over to Google and search for green carbon fiber, blue carbon fiber, etc.

Use Colour Matching Tools

You don’t have to spend on Photoshop unless you are into graphic design. There are plenty of free image manipulation tools in the market that will help you match specific colours to any picture or design of your choosing.

You can use an open-source alternative to Photoshop such as GIMP (available for Linux, Windows and Mac), which mimics Photoshop’s capabilities in many ways. If you are not into GIMP, you can search for other free photo editors online. You could head over to Google and search for Photoshop alternative, free photo editors, etc.

Disclaimer: DipGraphics is in no way affiliated to GIMP.

Get Expert Help

Often, it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed when choosing from the vast array of base colours to match with your chosen hydrographics pattern. During such circumstances and often for a consultation fee, you could approach a hydrographics service provider that is capable of giving you solid advice based on your personality and preferences.

Choosing the base colour for your hydrographics pattern can be confusing or if not, time consuming. We totally get it and that was the main reason why we wrote this short article. We hope that the above suggestions will help you choose the perfect combination of base coat colour and graphic pattern. Good luck!

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