• Custom Paint Hydro dipped Nerf Rival Zeus Digital Camouflage
  • Arctic digital camou skin

Custom Painted Nerf Guns-Rival Zeus-Digital Camouflage Series

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  • We offer Flat White and Crystal Colors
  • You have the option to blackout the "orange" exposed parts for a more stealth look.
  • We offer Urethane Coat (2K) | Cerakote for your ultimate protection
  • Select preferred Battery Options for your Blaster
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Tip on Choosing Base Color


Choosing the Right Base Colour:

This digital camouflage pattern is highly versatile as you can customise part of its colour to give your desired look. The pattern consists of black, grey and parts of the design which are transparent so you will be able to have a combination of black, grey plus whichever colours to suit your liking.

For instance, if you like urban camo, choose flat or metallic grey as the base colour. If you like arctic camo, choose white. We also have other options like neon, metallic, crystal and chameleon colours. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity to stand out from the crowd!

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Hydrographics is a delicate and tedious process. While we usually take 4 to 5 working days to complete a hydrodip project, there may be instances where the duration is stretched due to unexpected circumstances. Hence, please allow 7 to 14 working days before we ship the product out.

Every order with us, you will be added to a WhatsApp group that we will create to update you on the progress of each step. We are also happy to answer all queries.

It’s unlikely, but if in any case you are unhappy with the product upon receipt, you will need to ship us the FrSky shells and once we receive the items, we will give you the full refund. However, you will need to pay for the shipping costs.

All our products are manually hydro dipped by us. We do not outsource or use any form of automated machine and hence, the end results will always be unique. There may be a case of imperfections, after all, it is hand-made with our own sweat and tears.

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